Xie Aige met Schaduw

      The Chinese artist/sculptor Xie Aige (born in Hunan, China) is able to move young and old, art experts and art lovers with her minimalist style of sculpture. In her work Xie Aige shows that “even the stillest pose can touch us deeply.”

      Although young (born in 1977), Xie Aige has already made her name in the international art world with a host of remarkable works in bronze and synthetic materials.
Her sculptures are often lacquered in bright red, stark white or deep black. As far back as 2005 Xie Aige was acclaimed by art critics for her innovative work during her exhibition in the Shanghai Duolon Museum of Modern Art.

      Since then the eyes of the international art world have focused on Xie Aige’s work.

The artist Xie Aige (1977, Hunan/China)